Henrike Wilson: Ich war einmal abends...
Henrike Wilson

Ich war einmal abends...

Miriam Koch: Fiete Anders - Eine Reise mit dem Wind
Miriam Koch

Fiete Anders - Eine Reise mit dem Wind

Diffy Differs. Riding on the Wind
Diffy Differs, the red-and-white striped sheep with a difference, has finally found his place in the world: On the coast, where the wind tells its stories amid the roaring of the waves and by the blinking glow of the lighthouse - that’s where Diffy feels at home, snug and safe.
Yet, for all that, he’s still avid for adventure. So when his friend, the seagull, takes off, riding on the wind,
Diffy doesn’t think twice about joining her. And what wondrous sights they come to marvel at: Endless deserts, rank jungles and barren icescapes. Yet, no matter how fascinating those distant lands may be, how strong the lure of the unknown, at the end of the day they both come to the same conclusion: Home is always best!

Miriam Koch’s new book about everybody’s darling sheep Diffy springs a pleasant surprise on its readers, as it takes them to new adventures in enticing exotic locations. A wonderful story about a friendship, especially for those who, wanderlust notwithstanding, feel that home is always best.
Anke Dörrzapf, Claudia Lieb: Die wunderbaren Reisen des Marco Polo
Anke Dörrzapf, Claudia Lieb

Die wunderbaren Reisen des Marco Polo

Marco Polo. Incredible Travels to the End of the World
Rights sold to China, Korea and Vietnam

In 1271, 17-year-old Marco Polo, scion of a Venetian merchant dynasty, embarks on a journey that will take him far beyond the edge of the known world. 25 years later he
returns to tell wondrous tales. »Emperors, kings and princes, knights and citizens – and all of you who are avid to learn about the manifold splendors of the countries of this world - take up this book and have it read to you. Here you will find a plethora of wonderful and remarkable things, indeed …« This is the beginning of one of the world’s greatest tales of travel: Il Milione – The Wonders of the World. And they’re wonderful tales, indeed, that Marco Polo tells us: After visiting Acre, he travels to the Persian Gulf via Baghdad andends up at the court of Kublai Khan.
He enters his services and travels through China and India. After many adventures he finally returns to Venice.

In this opulently designed book the adventures of the famous traveller are retold in a colorful manner. Colorful in a double sense, as Claudia Lieb’s fantastic illustrations, inspired by Asian and Oriental art, commentate and complement a wealth of factual information, resulting in an exhilarating blend that takes us on a reader’s journey from medieval Venice to Beijing and back! A classic gem among the literature of discovery and exploration
recasts in a modern way.
Antje Damm: Was ist das?
Antje Damm

Was ist das?

What's That?
Now, is this a skein of wool or rather a little sheep?
Bestselling author Antje Damm’s drawings, collages and photographs make up a surprising question-and-answer game, daring us to guess the things-behind-the things. A picture book to keep you guessing, playing or just plain fantasizing – and not for children only either. What’s that? Little children never get tired of asking that question. Antje Damm’s new book leads us a merry dance of pictures that leave you guessing what hides beneath.

22 objects that every child knows are transformed into animals. The pictures invite to a dialogue with the most diverse materials. By looking at them children may learn by and by to realize connections between various shapes and colours, and to devise picture puzzles of their own.
Antje Damm: Räuberkinder
Antje Damm


Rascal Children
Rascal children are very naughty. And they have terrible manners – but even rascals love Christmas! They build snowmen, sing Christmas carols, and even decorate the tree together – everything in their own rascally way, of course!
Larissa Bertonasco: La nonna La cucina La vita
Larissa Bertonasco

La nonna La cucina La vita

La nonna la cucina la vita
Rights sold to France, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Slovenia

“My childhood is redolent with the perfumes of Liguria. My memories seems to have sealed in the scents of the sea and of wood, of rosemary and sage, not forgetting moth-balls and spirit, and to guard it like a treasure. This gave me the idea to write a cookery book with recipes of my nonna, my grandmother, along with personal recollections and pictures. The book gathers a number of simple, delicious, traditional dishes, that were the staple of my Italian family. Yet some more elaborate, exquisite recipes for festive occasions can also be found. So enjoy the trip to my nonna’s Finale Ligure, the coastal strip between Genoa and the French border.”