Sabine Lohf: Die große Textilwerkstatt
Sabine Lohf

Die große Textilwerkstatt

The Big Textile Workshop
Would you like to design your own bags and T-shirts? Or make a cuddly pillow for your best friend? Then you've come to the right place. Welcome to the large textile workshop! In this book you'll learn to make all sorts of things with fabric and wool—colorful garlands, fluffy sheep, great tote bags, sock puppets, pom-pom flamingos, and much more. Not only will you sew, embroider, and crochet, you'll also felt, weave, braid, button, press, and tie-dye. Simple step-by-step instructions, detailed information about materials, and many tips and tricks for crafting techniques reveal how it all works, even for newcomers.

The new large creative workshop by Sabine Lohf with over 100 ideas for fabric and wool to try out. It's fun for the whole family!
Henrike Wilson: Fünf Nüsse für Eichhörnchen
Henrike Wilson

Fünf Nüsse für Eichhörnchen

Five Nuts, Squirreled Away
Sold to China, France, Spain and Korea

It's fall! The leaves whirl in the wind and the squirrel is beginning to stockpile nuts for the winter. So far, five nuts have been gathered. The squirrel wants to hide them where no one will find them. It does so with great enthusiasm and finds excellent hiding spots. However, it was working with such zeal that it, unlike the reader, didn't notice that other animals were watching the whole time. When winter comes and everything's covered by a thick blanket of snow, the cheerful little squirrel tries to gather its nuts—only to find that the first four have apparently grown legs and escaped! Luckily the fifth and best nut (the one with the tiny hat!) is still there in its fantastic hiding place.
So it's no problem that the other animals helped themselves to his supply.
A book about the art of finding pleasure in what you do have instead of worrying about what you don't. But this is also a story about garden animals and the changing of the seasons, with all its many marvels—lovingly told with atmospheric illustrations by Henrike Wilson.
Einar Turkowski: Aus dem Schatten trat ein Fuchs
Einar Turkowski

Aus dem Schatten trat ein Fuchs

Out of the shadows stepped a Fox
Rights sold to Spain and China

“Out of the shadows crept a fox”... this is how Einar Turkowski's new masterpiece begins. For the first time ever, he combines his unique pencil drawings with colour. He takes the viewer on a search for happiness in his very own visual language. The fox roams through the night and a bird of paradise joins him. Both are colourful, both are looking for something, and neither one is quite sure where he’s going.
The landscape sometimes seems enchanted and reassuring, other times forbidding and threatening.
The night is still young, still long. But the more it advances, the more power it gains. The wanderers are close to losing heart and close to giving in to the dark mood. But the colour has been waiting to be found. It shows itself and gives the fox new courage for facing life. And the bird? He too finds his place and enchants us with his sad songs.
Karsten Teich: Paul und Opa fahren Rad
Karsten Teich

Paul und Opa fahren Rad

Grandpa goes for a bike ride
Sold to Slovenia and Russia

Paul is spending his summer holiday with Grandpa in the country.
Grandpa’s great – but life in the country sure isn’t! No Internet, no cinema – Grandpa doesn’t even have a car! But then the two find a red folding bicycle in a ditch on the side of the road. They work together to fix it up. The tires need to be patched and the chain oiled, and of course it needs working brakes and a bell. Paul also has to get a helmet.
Finally they’re ready and Paul and Grandpa ride uphill and downhill on the path to the lake.
Not even a flat tire can stop them now!
In this heartwarming and humorous picture book, children learn all the essentials about owning and riding a bicycle. It’s a grandfather and grandson holiday adventure for bike-lovers great and small!
Bärbel Oftring, Jana Walczyk: Schau mal, ein Marienkäfer!
Bärbel Oftring, Jana Walczyk

Schau mal, ein Marienkäfer!

Look, A Ladybug!
Look! Who’s crawling over there?
In the first rays of springtime sunlight, a ladybug is emerging from its hiding place. From this point on we accompany this living good luck charm through the year. We observe its development from larvae to __ and to fully-grown beetle, learn that the little insect is good at defending itself from predators, and come to understand why the ladybug likes to spend time with gardeners. We can even peek under its polka-dotted wings!

Under the fold-out pages there are lots more facts about the seven-pointed ladybug and its colourful relatives.

With fold-out pages
With a discoverer’s journal and fact sheet

Thomas Müller: Tiere im Garten
Thomas Müller

Tiere im Garten

Animals in the Garden
What's crawling and creeping and flying over there? There are many different animals in the garden to discover! We learn where the peacock butterfly lays its eggs, what the hedgehog eats, and how the wasps buzz around inside their nests. In this book, with seven lovingly designed fold-out pages, you will take a closer look at these and many other animals in the garden.
Brief texts provide some fascinating insights, so you can learn even more about each animal
Stephan Martin Meyer, Thorwald Spangenberg: Leonardos Flugmaschinen
Stephan Martin Meyer, Thorwald Spangenberg

Leonardos Flugmaschinen

Leonardo's Flying Machines
Umbria, 1539: Fourteen-year-old Anselm has lost his family to the plague. He finds a new home in a remote Capuchin convent, where he is to help his uncle Ignatius as a carpenter's assistant. It is difficult for Anselm to get used to the deprived life of the monks. But when he discovers the mysterious drawings of a certain Leonardo from Vinci in his uncle's workshop, Anselm embarks on an exciting adventure. Could it really be possible for humans to fly?
An exciting story with lots of interesting facts about Leonardo da Vinci, his flying machines, and life at the beginning of modern times.

With many detailed black & white and color illustrations and graphic novel elements
With technical drawings of Leonardo da Vinci's designs
With info boxes and a detailed appendix
Published 500 years after the death of this famous painter and polymath

Daniela Kulot: Ich auch!
Daniela Kulot

Ich auch!

Me too!
From head to toe, children love to learn and discover things about their bodies.
And its twice the fun when Mom and Dad are there to help!
An activity book that makes fun to learn facts about your body.
Look at the pictures , read aloud, rhyme along, and play together!
Jens Sparschuh, Julia Dürr: Jakobs Muschel
Jens Sparschuh, Julia Dürr

Jakobs Muschel

Jakob's Shell
Rights sold to China, Turkey

When Jakob holds his shell to his ear, he hears the sound of the ocean. And when he closes his eyes, he can even see it. One day, while he’s sitting on the jungle gym between the apartment buildings, who shows up but Jonas — Jonas the cool kid with the expensive tennis and sharp tongue who always picks on him. Quick as a flash, Jonas swipes Jakob’s shell.
While Jonas takes one look down and, frightened of falling, holds on tight with both hands, Jacob closes his eyes, listens to the reclaimed shell, and suddenly he can see him: Jonny the pirate, the notorious thief of the high seas. With that wart on his nose, he sure looks a lot like Jonas. A storm closes in and the pirate ship goes down. Unfortunately not all of the pirates can swim. Does Jonas know how? A humorous story about little tough guys, big dreamers, and the power of the imagination.

(One might consider changing the names to more similar English spellings: Jacob, Jonas, Johnny)
Markus Bennemann, Janine Czichy: Tierisch tödlich
Markus Bennemann, Janine Czichy

Tierisch tödlich

Delicious Deadly
Did you know that lions dig graves for their kill? Or that fish be caught using a net made of bubbles? What makes the golden eagle such a housebreaker? This book introduces us to ten masters of the hunt, from the sneaky short-tailed weasel, which leads its victims in a deadly dance, to the exotic Bolas spider, a true queen of marksmanship.
The atmospheric illustrations and large fold-out pages open in all directions, inviting us to delve in to the fascinating world of eating and being eaten.
With short informational texts, animal fact sheets, and many vignettes
With spectacular, panoramic illustrations that continue under the flaps in unexpected ways