Dirk Reinhardt: Über die Berge und über das Meer
Dirk Reinhardt

Über die Berge und über das Meer

Over the Mountains and Over the Sea
Rights sold to Slovenia

Every year in spring, the nomads stop by Soraya's village on their way to their summer home in the Afghan mountains. Accompanying them is Tarek, who knows sheep better than anyone else and is a wonderful storyteller. But this year Soraya waits for him in vain. According to an old tradition, as the seventh daughter in her family, she was raised as a boy and was able to move freely and attend school. But as a 14-year-old, she has reached the age where she should be living as a girl again in the quiet of her home. In fact the Taliban has, in no uncertain terms, mandated that she do so. They have also threatened Tarek and expect him to put his excellent animal tracking abilities to work for them. The nomads' plight worsens dramatically. Tarek and Soraya can see no other way and each journey out into the world, without knowing where the other is or what they're doing. Unexpectedly, they cross paths in the mountains.
Ilka Sokolowski, Helmut Dohle: Artus
Ilka Sokolowski, Helmut Dohle


Arthur. King of Camelot
The message spreads like wildfire:
a stone has appeared near the arena with a giant sword stuck in it. The inscription promises a new king for Britain. When the five-year-old Arthur is the one to pull the sword out of the stone, there is much disappointment.
How can a child unite the divided country? But Arthur quickly proves that he is set on being Britain's king and with the help of the wizard Merlin he's ready to face any adversary.
An immortal tale of love and betrayal, intrigue and power, and the search for the Holy Grail—grippingly written and wonderfully illustrated.

Cornelia Boese, Linda Wolfsgruber: Maria, Josef und das Kind
Cornelia Boese, Linda Wolfsgruber

Maria, Josef und das Kind

Mary, Joseph and the Child
All rights available

Cornelia Boese tells the Christmas story, starting with the Annunciation, in lively, rhythmic verses for reading aloud, reading together, and performing.

Wonderful pictures by the internationally renowned artist Linda Wolfsgruber open up new perspectives on this two-thousand-year-old biblical story by placing it in the setting where it originally occurred.
Thomas Müller: Tiere in der Stadt
Thomas Müller

Tiere in der Stadt

Animals in the City
Who’s looking down from the tree? Three little raccoons! Raccoons in the park, bats in the attic, sparrows under the gutter: there are lots of animals to discover in the city! With its carefully-designed fold-out pages, this book introduces the youngest animal lovers to seven furry and feathered city dwellers and shows where they find food and raise their young.
Thomas Müller: Tiere im Wald
Thomas Müller

Tiere im Wald

Animals in the Forest
The forest is the most beautiful adventure playground there is! Many animals feel the same way: young foxes venture out of their dens, wild boars take a mud bath, and little bunnies wait in the high grass for their mother.
This close-to-nature and lovingly-illustrated picture book invites small animal fans to see the shy forest dwellers up close and to learn many exciting facts about them
Sigrid Zeevaert, Julie Völk: Als Nino fast in den Zirkuswagen zog
Sigrid Zeevaert, Julie Völk

Als Nino fast in den Zirkuswagen zog

Nino and the Circus Caravan
Great aunt Ella moves to a retirement home and her old circus wagon goes to spend its old age in Nino and Flori’s garden! The wagon is bright yellow. For Nino, it’s the greatest, most adventurous playground imaginable: you can sleep in it, practice circus tricks in it, and bake bread at the campfire in front of it.
Nino is the smallest of all, and his big brother Flori, who’s just a year older, hardly ever lets him play when his friends come over. But the circus car is there for everyone to use – isn’t it?
In this lively, compassionate book, Sigrid Zeevaert tells the story of two very different brothers and of how a colourful old circus car gets things rolling. Nino not only finds a best friend, but he also becomes closer to his older brother in a very unexpected way during the dispute over the car.
Julie Völk: Wenn ich in die Schule geh
Julie Völk

Wenn ich in die Schule geh

Going to school
A girl and her little brother leave to go to school. Because the walk feels shorter and more fun with a larger group of people, they gather more and more children along the way. The reader is lucky enough to meet all of these different people and their equally different homes.
The path to school leads through a springtime birch forest to the river where the fishing family lives, past the farm, past the fields leading towards the city, past the auto repair shop, the circus tent, the bakery, and the pet shop, until it finally ends at the school. And the teacher? Oops – he overslept and is in a big hurry. Anyone who sets off down the path again will see him rushing off to school in the background.
Julie Völk’s illustrations depict the appeal of changing landscapes and the colourful diversity of people. Without the use of text, they show the importance, social function, and fun of going places on foot.
Thomas Müller: Wo leben die Tiere unserer Welt?
Thomas Müller

Wo leben die Tiere unserer Welt?

Where Do The Animals of Our World Live?
Every child knows about penguins, horses, and parrots, but which of these animals lives where? This book shows 100 animals from ten different habitats in their natural environments. Whether in meadows and fields, in the forest, in coral reefs, tropical rainforests or ponds, in Antarctica, in the city or the African savannah, on the ocean coast or on a farm—animals make their homes everywhere. The book provides an affectionately and carefully illustrated double page for every habitat, always with lots to discover. Each individual animal is introduced with fascinating facts on a large-format overview page. Those looking for a specific animal can find it on a tab with colorful animal icons. The colors help to search: where do the animals of our world live?

- Animal picture book and reference book in one
- Short, easy-to-understand texts on each animal
- Large, detailed panorama pages that invite exploring and discovering
Sabine Lohf: Die große Holzwerkstatt
Sabine Lohf

Die große Holzwerkstatt

The Big Wood Workshop
Welcome to Sabine Lohf's big wood workshop! This book gathers more than 150 creative ideas: crocodiles made of tree bark, homemade labyrinths, wooden spoon theater, popsicle stick stars, trains made of fruit crates, and much more. Prepare to saw, hammer, and drill, to paint, glue, and play.
Where can I get wood for my craft project? Which are the best tools to use? What are the properties of the different kinds of wood? Sabine Lohf can answer all of these questions knowledgeably and out of enthusiasm for this wonderful natural material.
A book for hobbyists young and old, and a must-have for lovers of wood!
Plank or bark? What kinds of wood materials are there?
Rasp or sandpaper? What’s the right tool?
Sawing, carving, drilling, etc.: the technique makes the product!
With many illustrated step-by-step instructions
With a small forest manual – collect wood in the right way!
Kirsten Gattermann: Matti Maulwurf fährt U-Bahn
Kirsten Gattermann

Matti Maulwurf fährt U-Bahn

Matti the Mole Rides the Subway
Matti the Mole makes a wrong turn in his digging and ends up in the middle of a subway station. What an exciting place! Here comes the next train – and of course he wants to go along!
In this lovingly illustrated picture book, children will join the little mole Matti on his first discovery tour through the subway. Readers will become acquainted with the subway map, the emergency call box, and information signs. They’ll get to look over the subway driver's shoulder and will even get to watch as a huge tunnel-boring machine digs through the earth.