Thomas Müller: Ein Jahr mit den Buntspechten
Thomas Müller

Ein Jahr mit den Buntspechten

A Year With the Great Spotted Woodpeckers
High up in the springtime forest, the woodpecker draws attention to himself with a loud hammering: he is very busy drilling out a breeding burrow in the trunk of an old oak tree. Soon, there will be woodpecker babies that need hatching and feeding. This wonderfully illustrated nonfiction picture book shows the amazing ability of this attractive black, white, and red-feathered bird to turn itself into an excellent builder, and portrays a young woodpecker’s eventful first year in the woods.
The author and illustrator Thomas Müller takes us along into the world of the woodpecker and uses lifelike pictures to teach us about the exciting bird life in the forest.
Daniela Kulot: Woher kommt die Liebe?
Daniela Kulot

Woher kommt die Liebe?

Where does Love come from?
Sold to Denmark, Israel, China, Mongolia, Italy, Turkey, Korea

Where does love come from?
That‘s what the squirrel, elk and duck want to know right away! They embark on a journey to find the answer to their question. Will they succeed?
For some questions, there just aren‘t easy answers. Sometimes you need to take detours to understand something that was there all along! A book for young and old.
Julie Völk: Guten Morgen, kleine Straßenbahn!
Julie Völk

Guten Morgen, kleine Straßenbahn!

Good morning, little Tram
Rights sold to China, Belarus

Early in the morning, when the streets are still quiet, the sun casts its golden light over the sleeping houses, and the street sweeper is dusting off the sidewalk, the streetcar driver wakes up. Quietly, he gets dressed and drives
his little streetcar into the day. The fish saleswoman climbs on, as do the boy with the toy Ferris wheel and the woman who just knits and knits. Where are they all going? Which
streets and parts of the city will the little streetcar visit on its way? Just hop on board and travel along to find out! The streetcar moves along so peacefully, and the
passengers, houses, and streets have so very many stories to tell!
Stephan Martin Meyer, Thorwald Spangenberg: Mit dem Zeppelin nach New York
Stephan Martin Meyer, Thorwald Spangenberg

Mit dem Zeppelin nach New York

Zeppelin.The Legendary Story of Hindenburg
The true story of a cabin boy on the Hindenburg makes for fascinating reading in this beautiful illustrated book.

Frankfurt, 1936: Werner Franz is fourteen years old. He has just finished school and is looking for work. Werner is delighted when he is hired as a cabin boy on the Hindenburg, the largest of all the German zeppelins. A few days later, he sees a zeppelin up close for the first time. His first journey takes him across the Atlantic Ocean to Rio de Janeiro. Along the way, he meets and befriends his crewmates, and is taught everything he needs to know about zeppelins. Why does a zeppelin stay up in the air? How can it be steered? And, most importantly for Werner, what are his duties on board? As a cabin boy, Werner has to take care of the passengers, wash the dishes and serve the officers, but despite his busy schedule, he loves his job. However, a catastrophe is just around the corner. Another trip takes the Hindenburg to New York. During the attempted landing, the zeppelin goes up in flames. Werner manages to jump out of the burning zeppelin and survives without major injuries. He returns to Germany with the other surviving crewmates.
Sabine Lohf: 1, 2, 3, 4 Lieblingstier
Sabine Lohf

1, 2, 3, 4 Lieblingstier

1,2,3,4 Animals That I Adore
Every child has a favorite animal! Whether that animal is an elephant, giraffe, bat, or penguin, this new activity book allows us to playfully design each and every one step by step. And it’s easy as pie: each of the twenty-six sections consists of four short, easy-to-understand steps – even newcomers to arts and crafts will be delighted. Almost all of the required materials can be found at home. Best of all: from A as in Ape to Z as in Zebra, we craft our way through the entire alphabet and get to know all of the alphabet letters as we go. A beastly arts and crafts joy for families, schools, and preschools alike!
Daniela Kulot: Der kleine Bär besucht seine 7 Freunde
Daniela Kulot

Der kleine Bär besucht seine 7 Freunde

The little bear visits his friends - a wimmel search & find book
Thomas Müller: Eule, Fuchs und Fledermaus
Thomas Müller

Eule, Fuchs und Fledermaus

Daniel Napp: Das schlaue Buch vom Büchermachen
Daniel Napp

Das schlaue Buch vom Büchermachen

How to Make a Book?
This picture book brings us behind the scenes in the process of bookmaking. Daniel Napp, himself a successful author and illustrator of picture books such as Dr. Brumm
or Bauer Beck, depicts all of the steps in the process of making a book. By the last page, the reader ends up with a finished product. With this book, even small bookworms and bibliomaniacs can come to understand the meaning behind words like “proof” and “imprimatur” and to grasp what editors, manufacturers, printers and booksellers go through to bring us a beautiful new book.
Stephanie Schneider, Henrike Wilson: Tambo, der kleine Elefant
Stephanie Schneider, Henrike Wilson

Tambo, der kleine Elefant

Bärbel Oftring, Isabel Müller: Schau mal, eine Spinne!
Bärbel Oftring, Isabel Müller

Schau mal, eine Spinne!

Yuck! Spiders!
“Gross, a spider!” Gross? Really? Take a closer look. Spiders are actually fascinating and have very special abilities.
In this lovingly illustrated nonfiction picture book, children can observe how a garden spider spins her artful web, how she goes hunting, mates, and lays eggs- and how, finally, the tiny spider babies hatch and are taken by the wind on a long journey.
The foldout pages hide even more interesting information about the garden spider and its eight-legged relatives: how can you tell the difference between males and females?
What is a spider web actually made of? The book includes a discoverer’s journal that invites young readers to do their own spider research.