We are proud to present the one or other new book with a little video trailer. If you like to receive more information, material, PDFs or books, please let us know. Have fun!

Nora and the Great Bear by Nora Krause

Balto & Togo: Illustrated Retelling of the »Serum Run to Nome« (by Lena Zeise)

A Time When Wishing Still Helped (by artist Julie Völk)

Perfect Storm (by Dirk Reinhardt)

It is written (by Vitali Konstantinov)

The Big Rivers of the World (by Volker Mehnert)

A Year with the Cranes (by Thomas Müller)

Animals on the Farm (by Thomas Müller)

The Wonderful World of Oak Trees (by Thomas Müller)

Discover the World of Seals! (by Bärbel Oftring)

The Lights of Paris – Émile at the World Fair (by Thilo Krapp)

The New Colouring and Activity Book by Sabine Lohf

Wolfes (by Bärbel Oftring)
Trailer: Tier aus Stein, Tier aus Gold/Creature of Stone, Creature of Gold