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Bärbel Oftring, Theresa Schwietzer: Wölfe
Bärbel Oftring, Theresa Schwietzer

Tracking Wolves

While this is cause for delight among many nature lovers, it's cause for concern and fear for others. The wolf has grown unfamiliar: this beautiful native animal was forced out of our forests for many years. How can we rethink our relationship to wolves now that the number of wolf packs in Germany and neighboring countries is increasing?
Following the belief that understanding is the
way to conquer fear, this atmospherically illustrated fact-based book introduces the reader to the life of a family of wolves.

We trace the footsteps—or paw prints—of a young wolf, see how a wolf pack is initially formed, learn about life within the pack, and experience how the next generation of wolves leaves the pack and sets out on its own. Inside the large-format flaps there are attractive infographics and texts that explain facts about wolves' biology and how to interact with them.

With 4 large flaps
Contains many facts about the biology, life, and behavior of wolves, as well as maps that show its habitats in Germany and Europe.

All rights available

Rotraut Susanne Berner


For many fans of the Wimmelbooks Nico the Parrot remains a firm favourite. In this particular story he is the main character and discovers the joy of freedom.
Christian Morgenstern, Philip Waechter

The Three Sparrows

Die drei Spatzen
Everything's Nicer When We're Together - A Christian Morgenstern Poem for Young Ones

Die Drei Spatzen (The Three Sparrows) is probably Morgenstern's most popular poem for children. Its simple message stirs children and adults alike even today. Philip Waechter's illustrations bring us close to the three small sparrows - so close that we can almost see their tiny hearts beating. There they sit cozily, the three sparrows on their branch, despite the snow and the cold, trusting that one day soon they'll fly again in the springtime sun. . .
Anita van Saan, Theresa Schwietzer

Little Elephant

Der kleine Elefant
Exploring the Savanna with the Little Elephant

The sun has set in the African savanna. A small elephant beholds the light of the world for the first time. Already the following morning it joins the herd walking through the dry landscape. Fortunately, the large elephants are paying attention. While the little one is growing, there is so much to learn. It's a special treat when the rains come and the little elephant can bathe in the waterhole - just like the other animals in the savanna. In this nonfiction primer with atmospheric illustrations, we follow the little elephant and its herd through the dry and rainy seasons of the savanna, and we learn about the other animals and plants that share the environment.
Daniela Kulot

We travel to the Land of Color

Wir reisen ins Farbenland!
A bus is driving to the sea, but take a look, it's passenger-free . . .
But not for long. Along the way the bus stops again and again, and new passengers enter: in Redland, the tomatoes; in Yellowland, bananas; in Greenland, frogs. Come along and join us - there's a surprise around every corner!

A fun-filled book about the world of color.
Dirk Reinhardt

No Alternative

No Alternative
It's Our Last Chance!

"We can't just talk ourselves out of it because the others aren't doing it! That doesn't change anything!" Emma Larsen has decided to do something to save our planet. The brave young activist is ready to risk everything for it. After her friend died during a consciousness-raising demonstration against the pharma giant PLS, she adopts the label NO ALTERNATIVE and goes underground. A heart-stoppingly suspenseful scene on top of the Frankfurt radio tower brings the radical environmental group into public view. And that's just the beginning . . .

Exciting, explosive and up-to-the-minute - in his newest novel, Dirk Reinhardt once again captures the spirit of our times.
Werner Holzwarth, Daniela Kulot

Say 'Thank You', You Frog!

Sag mal DANKE, du Frosch!
Everyone says "Thank you". Just a little word, but the little frog just can't get it past his lips! Not when the nice fly seller hands him a delicious snake over the counter. Not even when he gets lots of great birthday presents. But you can't have that, can you?
A tongue-in-cheek and warm-hearted story about two little words with a big meaning.
Thomas Müller

Animals On The Farm

Tiere auf dem Bauernhof
Let's go to the farm! Thomas Müller takes us on a journey through the stables and fields. What is made from sheep's wool? How do cats live on the farm? When does a chick break out of its eggshell? In this picture book, young farm-lovers learn the most important things about how to look after all sorts of farm animals. They not only learn what each animal does on the farm, but also how their young are born.
Thomas Müller

Animals In The Forest

Tiere im Wald
The forest is the most beautiful adventure playground there is! Many animals feel the same way: young foxes venture out of their dens, wild boars take a mud bath, and little bunnies wait in the high grass for their mother.

This close-to-nature and lovingly-illustrated picture book invites small animal fans to see the shy forest dwellers up close and to learn many exciting facts about them
Sabine Lohf

Lemon Yellow And Fire Red

Zitronengelb und Feuerrot
In this small, thick colour book, Sabine Lohf has created 50 imaginative pictures that introduce children to the world of colours in a playful way. Be it a frog green frog king or a feather white chick, a little ship in a sea blue sea or a chalk white snowman every page holds a new surprise. What other colours might there be? And maybe big and small people will paint their own colourful pictures to go with them?
This visual school, which at the same time promotes language, is fun for even the youngest children and opens up the colourful world to them. And it encourages painting and crafting!

Recommended as a visual school and for language development.